What if you could change a life, or even save one, just by answering the phone … Would you?

The Interior Crisis Line answers over 20,000 calls each year. That’s 20,000 times when someone living in the Interior Region decided “today is the day, I need support.” We have staff and volunteer crisis line workers working collaboratively to answer as many calls as possible. Even with over 100 volunteers, however, there are still calls we can’t answer … without you.

You answering the phone tonight and listening to me reminded me that I matter.
— Caller to the Crisis Line

Know you are making a difference.

We are all looking for a deeper sense of purpose in our lives.

Unfortunately a busy life does not necessarily mean a meaningful one.

Volunteering with the crisis line is a tangible way to give back to the community by filling a very real need in the lives of others through listening and providing empowering support.

Each time you answer the phone, you know you’ve made a difference.

The training not only prepared me to answer calls on the crisis line, it made me a better person.
— Crisis Line Worker

Experience Powerful & Empowering Volunteer Training

Potential volunteers go through a process to prepare them to take calls. This includes an initial screening, interview, followed by 40 hours of training which includes engaging in-class learning, exercises and role plays along with group and/or 1:1 mentoring sessions. Screening occurs throughout the process and is a mutual decision for candidates to move forward.

Training supports participants in strengthening communication skills, shifting from ‘rescuing’ tendencies to providing empowering support, healthy boundaries and evidence-based stress-reduction. Elements that have positively impacted their personal and professional relationships as well as their shifts on the line.

I am in awe of every person on our team. Crisis Line work attracts the most caring and compassionate people I know.
— ICLN Site Coordinator

Become Part of a Caring Community

People who volunteer to support crisis line calls tend to be the carers in their families, their friends and their communities. They are motivated by a desire to ‘make a difference’ and are innately compassionate.

Being part of a collaborative group of like-minded and compassionate people is inspiring and supportive.

If you can access one of the ICLN community training sites (Cranbrook, Kelowna, Trail, Vernon or Williams Lake) and are interested in becoming a volunteer, reach out to the ICLN administrative number (604.256.3153) or complete the contact form below.

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